As part of regular campaigns throughout the football seasons, we will hold giveaways of a lot of our products on our Social Media pages, that are used by us as part of a photoshoot or filming of the products.

The products displayed in the images or any promotional material for the giveaways, may also not represent which products are available as part of the giveaway.

These products in the giveaway are guaranteed to have never been used before by another customer / or for personal use by a member of our staff. However, they will come opened / unsealed and may have been filmed utilising their main purpose (i.e. a glass may have held a liquid), so as they can be used as part of our promotional material.

We will supply all original packaging with the products, so as to provide serial numbers / authentication where needed, and your returns guarantee still applies, and is unaffected from the day you receive your products. Please see our Returns Policy for more information on this.

Please also read our main Terms & Conditions very carefully before participating in any of our Social Media giveaways or purchasing any products from our website. Good Luck!