Lord Souvenirs is the number 1 place for Official Football Merchandise and Souvenirs. We only stock 100% official and licensed items from your favourite clubs. Don't be caught out online by fake items. Make sure you support your team! And keep it official.

You can find our shop here with all of our products on, our you can search by brand and find you favourite team.

Official Football Merchandise & Souvenirs
Official Football Merchandise & Souvenirs

We have products and football merchandise from all of your favourite clubs. For the red and blue sides on Manchester... We have Manchester United merchandise, and Manchester United souvenirs, however we also stock Manchester City merchandise, and Manchester City souvenirs.

Scousers will love us, because here at Lord Souvenirs we also stock Liverpool merchandise, and Liverpool souvenirs.

For Londoners we have Tottenham Hotspur merchandise, and Tottenham Hotspur souvenirs and we have Chelsea merchandise or Chelsea souvenirs. Along with Arsenal merchandise, and Arsenal souvenirs.

All you northeners out there, we have exactly what you want, because we have Newcastle United merchandise, and Newcastle United souvenirs and we have Sunderland merchandise, and Sunderland souvenirs.

If you support a team abroad, then we have Barcelona merchandise, and Barcelona souvenirs and Real Madrid merchandise, and Real Madrid souvenirs. We also have Paris Saint-Germain merchandise, and Paris Saint-Germain souvenirs. And Juventus merchandise, and Juventus souvenirs. 


What did I say? We have everything you could want... and more! The only thing we don't have. Is kits....

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